Using [CT Mediation] for a mediated divorce was a gift

Using [CT Mediation] for a mediated divorce was a gift. [They are] compassionate while maintaining clear boundaries and neutrality. [They are] values teaching/coaching her clients how to negotiate in a respectful and productive manner. I most valued [their] ability to point out that neither of us was ‘wrong’ but that different personality styles and perspectives can create communication frustrations in a marriage that may not be repairable. This is so far from a traditional adversarial legal viewpoint! Meanwhile, [they] made sure we each had excellent review attorney advice and provided some guidance in choosing review attorneys (at our request).
As stressful a time as this was, having Attorney Green’s involvement lead to a far better outcome. I also appreciated her initial strong encouragement to interview several mediators before deciding on one which speaks to her character and integrity in wanting to be sure that both parties involved were comfortable and in agreement. I believe we both felt listened to, heard and understood (even if we didn’t always like what we heard as is so common in a divorce) I highly recommend Attorney Green for mediation whether it be divorce or any other type of mediation.

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