Divorce/separation is a difficult process for any couple

Divorce/separation is a difficult process for any couple. It does not matter if the couple is parting on amicable terms or complete vitriol. Angela has the knowledge of the process and the remarkable gift to defuse the situation if an emotional exchange arises.

The focus is centered upon a fair exchange and if a child or children are involved: they are paramount. The first few steps moving into separation can shape the dynamics of a relationship for years to come. If a child is involved and resentment is present – this could carry serious ramifications. Angela continuously pulls the focus to the child or distilling the simple facts in order to compromise. In cases regarding children, she stated the parents may not be able to live together, but a framework created based on understanding and peaceful resolution will give the child two loving parents who are solely dedicated to them regardless of the situation at hand.

Angela served as a great mediator and with her assistance gave us the tools to be the best parents we can be. As a side note. she was extremely flexible with meeting times and methods of communication (Skype, etc.).