We worked with [CT Mediation] for a divorce mediation

We worked with [CT Mediation] for divorce mediation. Attorney Green sat us down and explained the mediation process from top to bottom and even gave us a binder that re-emphasized the process and organized the paperwork we would need. The forethought that Attorney Green put into the initial meeting really set the stage for the rest of the mediation and helped focus us towards the goal. The rest of the meetings went well and were just as organized. First, we completed our financials. She uses a professional software program made just for divorces. It was setup to follow the information sheets in our binder, so it really saved time ($$) and aggravation. The second meeting focused on the things we each needed to get out of the divorce.

“For the most part, since we chose mediation, we already had talked about some of our needs, but Attorney Green brought up issues we had not thought about. Some of the tough issues were actually easy to get settled. Some of the issues I thought would be easy were not. Luckily her experience guided us through and we ultimately made our own decisions that worked best for us. I was happy with our choice in Attorney Green and would recommend her to anyone going through a divorce, but I hope to never need her again.